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Compare Rehab UK | Kate

When did you first start using?

When I first started drinking, I was 11 years old. I turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism from an early age to deal with childhood trauma. I’d seen my family members use alcohol to cope with the stresses of everyday life, so it was kind of ingrained in me that it would help.

When did it become a problem?

It’s never really been a non-issue. I suppose that since I began drinking at a young age, I had developed a mental obsession. Even when drinking socially, I’d go hard and quick, and by the time I left the house, I’d be wrecked. When I drank, things became unmanageable. Relationships would suffer, but I didn’t care because all I cared about was getting drunk.

What made you get help?

I’d attempted recovery before, but as soon as I thought I was on the mend, the fixation reappeared, and I was back to square one, only worse. I was paralysed by my emotions, and I felt hopeless. This time, the repercussions of my drinking robbed me of everything. It resulted in the temporary removal of my children, as well as the breakdown of my relationship with my partner. This finally compelled me to give up and seek assistance. I was prepared to go to any length to get sober and stay sober. I’m very grateful to Compare Rehab UK for having referred me to an excellent rehab centre. It was the beginning of a very hard road to recovery.

Where would you be now?

If I’d carried on at the rate I was drinking, I honestly don’t think I would’ve survived to this point. I certainly wouldn’t have had a home or contact with my children. My partner and I wouldn’t have reconciled either.

How is life today?

Life today is manageable. I’ve learned to trust God and let Him take care of what I couldn’t. Today, I am capable of dealing with problems without the use of alcohol. My children have returned to my life and now have the Mummy they were meant to have.

After I’ve completed my aftercare and support programme, I started to regularly volunteer with local organisations. I encourage other women to participate in recovery programmes and reap the benefits of a drug-free lifestyle.

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